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RENTAL SHOPPING - So there's you & 5 plus groups at the home open - Here's how to Roll...

PRE PLAN - Yep! It will not take long.

Structuring your rental CV to benefit yourself in the application process.

Note: This is additional prior to application required either via 1form or preferred method used by the agency you are applying with. See our website – leejonessuburban.com.au under Helpful Info for a pdf outline of an application form to familarise yourself with APPLICATION DOCUMENTS that are supplied by REIWA & Dept Commerce WA.

Just like an employment application I believe this exercise is beneficial to show potential agencies and landlords that you are pro active, prepared and even may have your life some what organised – even though we know moving is a big stressful exercise for most!

I have prepared this outline as in recent times property is scarce and this truly will put you ahead of the pack! We all love an application that we do not have to repeatedly go back to the applicant with due to lack of information, our red flags collectively go up even if you have nothing to hide.

Recently we had 3 applications on a property, they were all on par EXCEPT the one that was chosen showed initiative by submitting a CV at home open, bang on! The landlord also loved this making an easy decision to choose that proactive applicant, it’s all about perception – all of us humans buy into that!

So how can I help you help yourself – easy, follow this!

1. Who are we? Who am I? – provide pics – it is all confidential!

Keep it short and frank – get to the point quick – no waffling.

I.e – I’m Dave, I love your home because it will really be suited to our requirements. I am single and tidy……….. We are a couple who have been together for x years /x months and we would love this to be our first home together

We are a family of four with two children at x school. Outline family hobbies etc - Do take the kids to the home open (remember a bribe if you have to for ‘no running around & do not touch other people’s stuff) - good behaviour is a great perception even if for only 5 minutes

  • take a helper if need be - be mindful of current Covid Govt Regs - Stage 4

Parents without kids in attendance leaves a question mark for the ‘in between’ person being the agent appointed at time of inspection prior to reference checks

2. PETS – provide pics/video if applicable

We have an amazing fur baby - one dog which is a labrador, her name is Tess who is 8 years old - her primary vet care is:

Please see attached current council registration, training and veterinary forms that may be required (Include desex/microchip/Vaccination/Training)

We agree to sign Pet Annexure to be inclusive with a lease agreement proposal should you decide to choose us.

3. Where do I/we work?

Over the past few years I have been secure in the x industry ….

(Include last 3 payslips/work contract/work references written & name/numbers/place of work)

If you are self employed provide client contacts for references and last year financial tax return to prove income

I really enjoy my position at (x insert name of employer) because…. x

3.a Do not work – You still need to show you can make rental payments

Provide copies of allowances/payment records from centrelink, lottery west.

I have not been employed for the past x years as I am on (payment allowance) &

Retired/pension etc


Single Parent

Won lotto

***Add bank statements to assist with your application in any case

3b You study?- Where do I study/

State what you are studying, where you are studying and what you are studying and why you chose to study that subject (if you dare) – I chose to be a policeman to catch bad people….

4. Our /My Rental History

List last two agents you rented through, their up to date info and the addresses of which they managed, how long for and advise why you left (keep it short) i.e. I left because the owner would not fix the hot water system after 2 months of daily requests.

4.a No rental history?

Provide agent details of person who sold your homes over the past 20 years – just list two provide the address, details of agent who sold for you. I hope you got on well with agents appointed. Or who manages your home as a rental.

Why? Agents help other agents in identifying how you were to deal with and how the home was presented for sale/prior to leasing.


Landlords love people with hobbies, especially gardening! Share a few pics of your hobbies.

Avoid listing hobbies like Partying Hard and Art – both can get messy. If you collect strange dolls, that's up to your discretion to list

I really love (insert suburb) as it’s close to (work, shops, schools, place of study and my family) which is important to me because…. (Travel time)

Important – In this CV outline, we do not need to know anything else except the above! You may have some owners seeking further information in which when requested respond/discuss.

Keep out emotional drama, we want Facts & Stability. Facts can be, ‘I need to be closer to my mother recently diagnosed with……….’ CLOSEWe understand what it means to you without further explanation, we are human, most days…

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