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Helpful tips to get Pet Approved - Rental

I love my fur babies - three cats & Harry our dog. I know you love yours too, so here I blog for you as a 'Pet Specialist' in rental properties which I hope will assist you with working with your property manager and landlord.

Thankfully (even before the 2020 lock down hit in Autumn), there has been a better understanding that pets are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your mental health - pets are family, our fur babies, protectors & best friends.

Let's get your Pet's Portfolio READY!

Here are a few suggestions of what to include to show you are a responsible pet owner

🧡Provide copy of veterinarian care i.e Desex/Immunisation certificate or that $5k receipt

🧡Provide copy of Council registration (if required)

🧡Provide copy of Micro-chipping certificate

🧡Provide information on any pet training your doggy has had or about to undertake - great for puppies and breeds that are high energy

🧡Training Certificates/awards

🧡Supply pictures or do video of the dog/pup when out and about doing activities i.e at the park, river or beach - anything to show your canine is not always stuck at home digging up gardens and chewing down the back patio

🧡Write a brief week about what you do with your pet, what they do and when, even include Ablution habits (dogs)....It actually is important to know if your dog only goes 'toileting' on walks when taken outside the perimeter of the property

Typically most of our dogs and cats just eat and sleep (Jealous much?)

... continue with your notes, advise where you keep the pets when you go away or what happens when you are away i.e my niece comes and stays a few nights to take care of walks, cuddles and feed time.

Provide contact details of your current neighbour as a reference (ask them if this is ok first) - This is great for the property manager to have (in case) especially if the breed is known to have behavioral issues.

Why go to all this trouble? 🐾🧡😻

TO BE PET APPROVED, plus putting the owners mind at ease & enabling yourself to EXIST IN YOUR NEW SPACE WITH PEACE OF MIND, & HAPPINESS with your fur babies.

The more tools in your kit the better your application/pet approval chances!

Not sure if pets allowed? ASK, yes have a conversation (phone, text or email) with the property manager or leasing person who may be showing the home to you.

Do this before you arrange a time to go to the rental property to ensure you do not waste your time and that of the other person - time wasters suck 👎🏼

Questions may be:

👉🏼Would the owner be willing to negotiate on pets if I can provide you with excellent references for my beautiful dog Rex from my neighbours/real estate agent?

Try to obtain 2 references 👌

👉🏾Would the owner be okay with my beautiful old cat/dog?

DO use description words that are positive about your pet

If they answer no, ask why!

Questions may be:

👉Was there any particular reason why owner doesn't want an animal at the property?

I suggest you ask, because some lazy people do exist in the industry who just say no and do not want to be bothered with understanding the landlord and their reasoning for you.

Stay clear of a home listed with 'Strictly no pets' - there are reasons for this, seek to understand.

STRATA community regulations and bylaws - this is simply outside of the landlords control in which they can not grant permission

Mostly the negative is usually due to bad past experiences of their own or stories they have heard or simply they want to move back and are allergic to animals.


GIVE UP & move on to the next property, the stress of hiding an animal is not only bad for your mental health and blood pressure, it is unsettling for some fur babies to be hanging out with your rallies. PLUS how will the property manager or owner REACT when they find out & have to breach - not fun.

I hope you got some tips from this little blog - I do enjoy a high 'pet approval' rate with my clients, my tenants are happy & so are their homes.

I would love you to hear and share your pet approval stories x

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