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Hosting tips for Authentic Homely Short Stay value

Yes we all have a bit of competition in town, but content on Social Media and in your listing needs to be less about price/availability and more about Authentic Value based on experience.

I have a few little tips on what you are in fact looking to do here; Look around, help you guests create an itinerary


Look up local news and what is on at the local Theatre, Yoga, Spiritual Retreats.

Guest are getting away from it all and heading to the South West to escape the Rat Race of corporate life, give them a pass to experience your town!

Yes beauty treatments and massage sessions, why not gather info on the 'who do' mobile sessions for group bookings for your guest to enjoy while sipping on local wine & chowing down a cheese platter. Nearby towns can also be a good source of wine, chocolate & cheese - It's all part of the South West in which your guests are exploring.

Here are a few links - why not contact them direct & see if they deliver to you or even better can offer you a whole sale pricing being a business in tourism.

I have trialled and tested a few little wineries too close to Bridgetown, my second home.



Up here in Perth where mostly based I have wholesale arrangements for

Herbal Tea sourced through a naturopath & Non toxic candles & room diffusers which are utilised in our two coastal short stays in Hillarys and Marmion. I also gift them to clients for welcome gifts and birthday presents.

Make a guest's memory last a lifetime. Yes a great Kodak moment. Trophy for the one who finally got all the girls together for that long awaited catch up reunion! How much fun would it be for your guests to have a local photographer come & take some pictures of this moment!

Source the business that would love the opportunity to take the snaps be it a girls weekend, family holiday, or a couple having their last 'hoorah' before the baby arrives.

Bridgetown - Check out Haylee on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hayleeguiverphotography/

Let's take you back to your holiday home now. Ask yourself;

🧡Does this place have an interesting history? Share it

🧡What is special about this town, in your own mind? Share it

🧡What is in my back yard? Share it

Herbs, plants, animals that visit like birds

I love my backyard, we grow veggies and herbs - I took some pictures!

Understand what is important about your vegetables or herbs growing.

Remember almost all the herbs have healing properties or smells that make us happy - Lemongrass, Basil, and yes it's nearly ready to pick!

Stop being selfish & Share it on your listing & social media content - give your guests an awesome experience. Tell them why they need to be booking your space xxx Bek

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